2nd round of corticosteroids + Day 1

Last Wednesday I had a check-up with my neurologist. Variety of the symptoms I have, most of them slowly worsening over time, were ruled to be normal part of the disease. But, because I had a new one (reduced sensitivity to touch on part of my right thigh) and it is present for continuously for more than a month, my neurologist decided, that I have an attack (relapse) of my MS. And prescribed treatment with corticosteroids. Total of three I.V. drips spread over three days and pills after that.
I wanted to stop smoking before that, to help lessen the inflammations in the body and add to the effect of the drugs, but…well…I’ve failed. But, nevertheless, I got the first drip today and here are the results:

walking & balance
After leaving the clinic I’ve observed a marked improvement. I was less clumsy, I walked without my walking stick, could stand without constantly getting off balance. I would say, I may have had about 70% to 80% of the mobility I had before the illness (except for the ability to run).
Throughout the day this worsened, but in the end was markedly better, that before the treatment.

The usual sluggishness of my speech was nearly nonexistent throughout the day. Normally I have reduced control over my tongue, so I have to speak slowly, my diction sounds a bit awkward and I make pronunciation mistakes quite often. Sometimes I make the impression as if I am drunk. It was remarked by my mother, who I spoke with over Skype that once again I am speaking quite swiftly.

right thigh
The symptom described earlier vanished, but for some minimal tingling of the skin.

smoking cessation
I bought new e-cigarette vaporizer and made an e-liquid with pleasant taste and very high nicotine content. The idea is to get nicoting without inhaling anything to the lugs, just the oral cavity. We will see, if it works.

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