2nd round of corticosteroids: Day 2

Tuesday (13.5.)

walking & balance
This day was the best in months! Immediately after waking up I had realized, that my balance is better than the day before. On my way out, the stairs were once again easy. Not once did I touch the handrail (after months!). Outside, I had quickly discarded the cane to my left hand and had not used it once the whole day.
After the I.V. all had only improved. While waiting for my bus I could stand, without leaning on anything for better balance. I could just stand without constantly tilting to various directions.
In the evening I went for my violin lesson and then went for a couple of beers with my teacher. I was worried, that I would have to use the stick on my way home, but, even being little drunk had not worsen my ability to walk or to climb stairs.

Even better than Monday. I think only a speech therapist, or someone who knows me for quite some time could have picked up any impediment. Even after the beers in the evening, my speech was virtually the same.

right thigh
Virtually the same as the day before. Hardly anything noticeable.

smoking cessation
My stumbling block. I’ve used the e-cigarette only a little, and kept inhaling the vapors. And I’ve I smoked a bunch of cigarette throughout the day and a lot with the beers in the evening.

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