2nd round of corticosteroids: Day 3

Wednesday (14.5.)

The day of the last drip brought few insights and realizations.

walking & balance
Yesterday’s staying up late, drinking and cigarettes took some toll on the recovery (reducing inflammations). Walking was not good as the day before. It was still very good, I did not need my walking stick nor did I had to use handrails while walking up and down the stairs. Overall, walking and balance were much much better, that before the drips.

Was still markedly better, than before, but I had felt no improvement over Tuesday.

right thigh
No change here.

One important thing that I’ve completely forgotten to mention here. Since the start of my MS symptoms, I’ve had minor problems with my eyesight. Mostly it is the inability to focus on things, that are close in front of me (cell phone, book, etc.).
The steroids have fixed most of this and I hardly ever note anything being out of order.

smoking cessation
No progress, smoked like a Turk. And I blame smoking and putting a heavy load on my lungs for the stop and even tiny reversal of my symptoms.

I am planning to write a wrap up summarising this round of corticosteroids. There is a lot to write about.

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