For over a year and a half I’ve worked as a 1st level IT guy in big corporation. Did not like it. The regime and mentality, which I can best describe as a combination of elementary school and army, does not suit me one bit.

My work, which is best described as “monkey see, monkey do”, brought me no joy, no fulfillment and no satisfaction.  I felt like I was slowly being consumed from the inside. Even my colleagues felt, that over time, the work has changed be. I became bitter, angry and lazy.

I wanted to quit many times, but few injuries and my diagnosis have postponed it several times.

Until today.

Today I have submitted my notice of contract termination. Two more months and I will walk out, free to earn my living as self employed man, doing what I wanted to do for years, but was too lazy and too scared to be doing. Free to be a master of my own time. To do, what I decide to be doing. To have my fate in my hands. More than I have ever had.

Binds on my hands are coming off.


a new beginning

Last September October I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. For months I’ve had strange symptoms (partly losing control over my tongue or left hand/leg for a few seconds few times a day) and an MRI scan brought the sentence. I was struck. It took few days till it has fully sunk in, but two words came into my mind immediately.
On the way home I’ve bought a bottle of rum and downed it that very evening. And downed one every evening for the next two weeks. At work I was partly a walking corpse without soul and partly an angry a-hole. At home I’ve browsed the web, trying to learn more about the disease. To find more about the prognosis. And to find ANYTHING, that would have given me even the tiniest speck of hope, that my life did not end at age 27, the moment I’ve walked into my neurologist’s office that day. And I drank. Every day. Till I’ve passed out. And bathed in depression.
My life is over. My dreams will never come true. Why me? Why this? WHY???
About two weeks into my post-diagnosis depression I googled something like “food and MS”.  And I’ve found this. A professor from Australia got the disease when he was 45. And started to research the available literature. And basically came with this.
He claims, that with diet, supplements, sunlight, meditation, exercise and medication the progression of the disease could be stopped, even some recovery gained. And the best thing? All is backed by serious western science. No quackery, no snake oils, no hogwash, no false hope.
That evening I had found OMS I decided to go for it. I was not sure if it would help me, but it gave one thing I needed more than anything. Hope.
Hope, that my life may not necessarily be over. That maybe, just maybe, there is a way how not to end like a living vegetable. I was sure, that following the OMS Recovery plan won’t be a piece of cake for me. I was a meat lover and hardly a day of my life went by without me eating meat. And now I have decided to to follow “plant-based wholefood diet plus seafood, with no saturated fat, as far as is practical”.
But reading the recovery plan it was obvious there is nothing to loose here. Worst case scenario? I would become extremely healthy MS patient. Sounds good to me.
I found a will to live again!
I decided to fight. To fight for my life. For its quality and length.
I decided to fulfill my dreams.
I decided to eat good food, to cook fantastic meals and be a vegan at a same time.
I also decided to start writing this blog. About my life with MS. About OMS Recovery and my life with it. About my beloved food and cooking, now from a perspective of meat-loving gourmet turned vegan.
And about being