For over a year and a half I’ve worked as a 1st level IT guy in big corporation. Did not like it. The regime and mentality, which I can best describe as a combination of elementary school and army, does not suit me one bit.

My work, which is best described as “monkey see, monkey do”, brought me no joy, no fulfillment and no satisfaction.  I felt like I was slowly being consumed from the inside. Even my colleagues felt, that over time, the work has changed be. I became bitter, angry and lazy.

I wanted to quit many times, but few injuries and my diagnosis have postponed it several times.

Until today.

Today I have submitted my notice of contract termination. Two more months and I will walk out, free to earn my living as self employed man, doing what I wanted to do for years, but was too lazy and too scared to be doing. Free to be a master of my own time. To do, what I decide to be doing. To have my fate in my hands. More than I have ever had.

Binds on my hands are coming off.


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