small pleasures: massage & barber

I took a day off from work and went home for few days. Sun is shining, the day is beautiful…ideal time for some small pleasures.

First I went to my friend Robert for a leg massage. Robo is not only a perfect masseur, but also a friend, who is extremely enjoyable to spend time with. The massage brings a wonderful relief to my (always tired) legs and the fun we always have brings bursts of laughter for the whole time I’m in his company. The massage always ends after an hour, but the joie de vivre does not.

Some time ago I’ve read somewhere, that a barber shop has opened in Bratislava. A real, manly barber shop for gentlemen. A dream come true for me. Since I’ve learned to read, Sherlock Holmes has been like a friend to me. And I was drawn to things, that I’d associated with him. Smoking pipes, walking sticks, nice old-style clothing, straight razor shaving and many others. I’ve never bought a straight razor myself, but dreamt about one, long before I’ve started to shave.

The visit to the shop was wonderful. First a cigarette with my barber and a talk about what beard style I wanted. Then the chair. THE CHAIR. Different, than any other I’ve sat in before. Designed for shaving, not for styling manes of beautiful ladies. Then peeling. Then oil (I never thought, that oil is needed before a shave). Then hot towel. Then comes the soap (from a ceramic mug applied with badger brush) and then THE shave. Precise, slow and perfect. Then cold towel to soothe the skin and close the pores. Then the aftershave and oil, to keep the beard healthy. Took several times longer, then when I shave myself, but was worth every second and every penny.

And paying up was not the end. A coffee (courtesy of Gentleman’s World) on the terrace in front of she shop and a cigarette with my barber. And here he is, Martin, my barber:

martinthe barber

A pleasurable day, wouldn’t you say? What small pleasures do you enjoy that remind you, that you are alive? Send me an e-mail or write in the comments.