quest for perfect burger: birthday burgers

I love burgers! And I shouldn’t (I haven’t made the full switch yet) eat meat. Sounds like a challenge. Interesting, tasty challenge.

I would like to invite you on this journey with me. I want to deconstruct the burger to its components and try to find the best vegan versions. Bun, patty, sauces, condiments…and everything that makes burger a burger.
My first step on this journey was my birthday party yesterday. For few weeks I was dying to try this burger recipe from Chef Chloe:

You will find the detailed recipe in the video description. Here are my deviations from the recipe:
* Much less garlic. I made the sauce in two batches and only that saved me an my friends from having a sauce with single taste – GARLIC. It’s either my taste buds, or the garlic here is more powerful, than its american counterpart.
* Forgot to drain the tofu, that went into the first batch, so the sauce was not thick enough for my taste.
* No dill (I don’t like its taste).
* I haven’t had pickle relish, so I used pickled gherkins which I shredded and squeezed the water out of them.
* I’ve added few splashes of liquid smoke. Not enough to make the patties smoke-flavored, but just enough to add a little bit of zing.
* One layer burgers.

Other that that, I’ve followed the recipe to the letter.

And here is, how it looked like (apologies for poor photo quality):

Do you like burgers? What are your experiences with vegan burgers? Any suggestions, tips, thoughts? Leave a reply in comnts or send me an email. I would like to hear from you.

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